Sek Koh Sam


Reverend Sek Koh Sam the Chief Abbot of the Shuang Lin Monastery Temple in Singapore is both a scholar, physician, and martial artist. Born in 1886 in China, it wasn't until 1928 at the age of 42 that he travelled to S.E. Asia. In 1928 he was invited to Java, Indonesia to preside at the Shuang Lin Monastery. He contributed much to Buddhism and martial arts, for in 21 years he built 9 temples in this geographic region. He is the 49th generation of the Chinese Buddhist monk lineage, the first generation being Bodhidharma (Damo).

At 63 years old Sek Koh Sam was requested by the Singapore Shuang Lin Monastery to succeed Pui-Lang as Abbot (Chief Monk). He undertook post-war repairs to some of the buildings of the Shuang Lin Monastery in Singapore which had been badly damaged. He was also a well-known exponent of the martial arts school of Shaolin Temple, especially for his Monkey Lohan form, and he shared his expertise with the community.

In 1954 Reverend Sek established the Singapore Sao Hua San Athletic Association, the first Shaolin martial arts school outside the Temple. Reverand Sek Koh Sam introduced 'Yi Zhi Mei' as a set form, and 'Lohan Koon' another set form.